Atelier Audio Ircam





version 3.63 : Max 8 is mandatory : Mac 64 bits, Windows 32/64 bits
For the moment, DO NOT USE Max version 8.2
Compatibility with M1 computers not yet tested.

What's new? (FR)


What is AAI ?

AtelierAudioIrcam (AAI) is a software developed by Grégoire Lorieux at Ircam Pedagogy Department used to transformed sounds with different treatments. With its simple and intuitive interface, it's usable by every muisician.

It was developed under Max from 2008 to now, with the idea of providing access, in a few clicks, and without prior knowledge, to transformation modules, in the frame of workshops about voice transformation and sound design.

AtelierAudioIrcam has been used in conservatories, but also in many ircam workshops in relation with french National Education : Ateliers de la Creation, a project done in the scale of the France aimed to professional high-schools.

More recently, it was the angular stone of a pedagogical project aimed at music school teachers : a series of lectures to initiate and autonomize instrument teachers to mixted music and using the real time transformations in a pedagogical goal.


Installation and first Launch

AAI is distributed under the form of a Max Patch.

What is Max?
Max is a programmation software created originally at ircam. It allows to create "patches" for various uses : concerts, installations...
You have to download Max freely (Mac OS or Windows).
At first download, Max 8 is accessible without restrictions during 30 days then edition options are to purchase.
To use AAI, you don't have to buy Max.

To install AAI, follow these steps :

Install Max

• first download the version of Max 8.1.11 (not the latest, for the moment) sur on Cycling 74 website.
• install Max following the instructions.

install AAI

• Download AAI latest version .
• unzip the downloaded document

First Launch

• open Max.
• from Max, open the document called "_AtelierAudioIrcam.maxpat"


Other versions

version 3.42 "Legacy" : Mac 32 bits, Windows 32/64.
for older Macintosh computers.

Available audio treatments


saturation and "destruction" of sound


(looper) records and plays up to 4 sound layers


chorus effect


granular synthesis and treatment



filtres résonants

a bank of resonating filters, beware of larsens when used in real-time!


flanger effect


"freeze" effect, keeping a short time window of sound.

lignes à retard

classic delays with feedback for echo effect.

Modulation en Anneau

Ring Modulation, from regular rythmical amplitude modulation to spectrum transformation. It's possible to control precisely the frequency.


room effect simulation


4 transpositions of the sound in real-time, coupled to feedbacks.

Une transposition

one and only transposition


speed : up to 15 seconds of sound are recorded and manipuable with speed, time stretches and transposition changes.


"robot voice" effect.


possibility to insert 2 VST plug ins.


Previous versions

version 3.4 Mac Application

version 2.0 Mac Patch

version 1.5 Mac Application

• all older versions ici.


Don't hesitate to contact me for all bug correction or feature request.
gregoirelorieux [] gmail [] com